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Second Chance Chimpanzee Refuge Liberia cares for more than 60 chimpanzees, many of whom were used for decades in biomedical research in Liberia by a U.S.-based research organization. In addition to the invasive experimentation the chimpanzees routinely experienced, they also faced hardships during Liberia’s two devastating civil wars, when only a handful of their dedicated caregivers were able to stay behind, risking their lives to ensure the chimpanzees received care. In the mid-2000s, the lab began phasing out their research and retired the chimps to nearby islands. In 2015, after the organization that ran the laboratory pulled out of Liberia, we took on full responsibility for the lifetime care of the chimpanzees who remained on the islands. Despite their heartbreaking past, these chimpanzees are resilient animals who have found the peace and safety they deserve. Each of the six islands is home to a unique group of chimpanzees, each individual with their own story, friendships, likes, and dislikes. Read more about each of our six groups by clicking the images below!

Meet the Chimpanzees

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