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Meet the Chimps of Island 2

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Rootbeer and daughter Kemah of Island 2

Island 2 is a large island on the Grand Bassa River filled with dense vegetation and mangroves. The 12 chimpanzees who call Island 2 home are described by caregivers as steady, protective, and confident. The group's three oldest residents (David, Jiminy Cricket, and Tipsy) were all born in the wild. All three were purchased by the laboratory in the late 1970s/early 1980s from hunters or from pet owners who could no longer care for them. The other members of the group show these three elderly chimps a great deal of respect. David, who was kept as a pet before arriving at the lab, has always been fond of humans despite the experiments he endured. At a young age, David was described as gentle, playful, and friendly – all traits he continues to embody. Tipsy is very protective of David, but they are both very social with everyone in the group as well. Jiminy Cricket is best friends with Rose, and the pair can often be spotted resting together and even sharing food. 


Eastern reigns as alpha on Island 2, though Mae does sometimes challenge him for the role. Pasiway is also a high-ranking male, but he tends to get along well with everyone in the group and is not usually one to stir up trouble. Rather than gaining his high rank through loud displays or threats, Pasiway has instead earned great respect by maintaining close bonds with everyone in the group. Despite Mae’s desire to occasionally challenge Eastern for the position of alpha, the group is generally very stable and laid-back. Rootbeer and her daughter Fanta are often busy tending to their children. Rootbeer is mother to son Coke-O, an eight-year-old, as well as a daughter named Kemah who is two years old. Fanta’s daughter, Novi, is also two years old and already shows a high level of confidence within the group, even occasionally taking food from some of the adult females! 

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