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Meet the Chimps of Island 3

Poco & Tenneh Jan 2020.JPG

Pocahontas and daughter Tenneh of Island 3

Island 3 is located on the Grand Bassa River and is the largest of all the six islands, estimated to be around 66 acres. More than half of these chimps are males, making this group quite rambunctious! The males often compete for rank, but Jeep is the clear alpha of the group. Independence comes a close second in rank, followed by Poor Boy and Saffa. Alfred is the lowest ranking male in the group, possibly because he is one of the youngest males. Saffa is elderly and is respected greatly by everyone in the group. Saffa has no teeth left, possibly due to a combination of the malnutrition he experienced before he arrived at the lab, improper diet during his years in research, and old age. Surprisingly, despite this, his favorite treat is coconuts! He strategically watches as another chimp does the hard work of cracking the coconut open, only to smoothly scoop it up and carry it away once the work is done, enjoying the juice for himself! He does this to almost every chimp in the group, even to the males more dominant than him, and due to the respect they all have for Saffa, everyone always politely obliges without any disagreements. It probably helps that the chimps receive enough coconuts that there are plenty to go around! 

Although he is still very young, as Jeep’s younger brother, Ta is very confident and already shows signs of having alpha traits himself! He readily interacts with most of the adult chimps; however, he also spends a great amount of time with Marshall, his young playmate who is also five years old. Pocahontas has a 2-year-old daughter named Tenneh who was born on the island due to a failed vasectomy. Despite being a close relative of Jeep, Pocahontas tends to be cautious and protective of Tenneh due to the boisterous nature of the males in the group. If Tenneh wanders a little too far, Pocahontas swiftly scoops her up to watch over her! Independence and Marshall's mother, Snow White, also lives on the island. She is a very laid-back chimp and spends a lot of time with Marshall since he is still very young. Last but not least, FDA (named after our incredible partners, Liberia’s Forestry Development Authority!) is a shy teenager who has been coming out of her shell more recently, playing and grooming with her group mates and growing more confident. 

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