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Meet the Chimps of Island 4

DJ Feb 2020 (1).jpg

DJ, the alpha male of Island 4

Island 4 is home to the smallest and youngest group of chimps at Second Chance. In fact, four are between ages six and eight years old! DJ, who is 19 years old, is the alpha male, but Hannie, a 19-year-old female, is in many ways the true leader of the group. Hannie is a very relaxed and friendly chimpanzee who protects and guides the youngsters during conflict, and breaks up the occasional squabbles between the adults. Hannie is also incredibly nurturing and has assumed the role of surrogate mother to both Will, an 8-year-old male, and Bean, a 7-year-old female, who both lost their own mothers. Goofie is the oldest resident of Island 4 at 23 years old. She is high-ranking in the group and spends much of her time looking after Denyon, her boisterous 6-year-old son. Goofie is reserved and cautious around humans, still bearing emotional scars from her years in the laboratory, and she disapproves of Denyon’s mischievous behavior when the care team arrives for feeding. He even likes to try to splash water on the caregivers sometimes! Kowura is the youngest chimp on the island. At six years old, he just a couple of months younger than Denyon. Kowura, who was born to mother Rhinoceros and father DJ, is very independent and loves to spend his days playing with his best friend, Bean. Rhinoceros is an attentive but relaxed mother and she always makes sure Kowura is safe. 

DJ has one of the biggest personalities of all the chimps at Second Chance. Well known at the sanctuary for being charismatic, brave, and quite the ladies’ man, DJ is truly one of a kind! He likes to keep caregivers on their toes by wading further into the water than most chimps ever would. Chimps cannot swim and have a natural aversion to water, but DJ is willing to test the limits to get a good look at the food the caregivers bring by boat! DJ has a very sweet and innocent face, melting the hearts of all who know him. 


This group is so laid-back that there are rarely any conflicts, not even over food! Their 40-acre island has a lush forest and thick canopy and they love spending time high up in the trees! 

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