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Adopt a chimpanzee

These are just a few of more than 60 chimpanzees Humane Society International is caring for at Second Chance Chimpanzee Refuge Liberia. Their stories are representative of the difficulties and challenges they have all endured as well as the hope for the bright future they deserve! By adopting one chimpanzee or a mom and baby pair of chimpanzees, you are demonstrating a commitment to this future. Each adoption lasts one year and the funds go to providing the chimpanzees with a diverse and nutritious diet, fresh water and care they need. You will receive a personalized adoption certificate and an update about your adopted chimpanzee or chimpanzees during the year! Click on the photos to learn more about each adoptable chimpanzee!

Bullet the chimpanzee


Bullet’s right arm was amputated due to an injury he sustained when his mother was shot by a poacher. Despite his difficult life, Bullet has an incredibly sweet, resourceful and resilient nature.

David the chimpanzee


David is a very sweet and gentle chimpanzee. He suffered greatly during his decades in the laboratory. Fortunately, he is now on the mend and enjoying retirement (and bananas)!

Samantha the chimpanzee


Samantha is the oldest chimpanzee in the group. She was sold into research at a very young age and was used and bred for decades. She now enjoys her retirement on the islands.

Rose the chimpanzee


Rose did not spend many years in the lab but she was still anesthetized more than 60 times! Despite frequent illnesses in the lab, she is very resilient and continues to improve.

Goofie and Denyon the chimpanzees

Goofie & Denyon

Goofie was born in the lab in 1997. She now lives happily with her sweet son Denyon on Island 4. An extremely loving mother, Goofie is often seen cuddling and tickling Denyon.

Mabel the chimpanzee


Mabel is a curious, calm and quiet chimpanzee. She has always loved living “free” on the island since her retirement from the lab and was known for making new chimps feel welcomed.

Spright the chimpanzee


Spright was born years after the chimpanzees were retired to the islands so, thankfully, has never been used in research. He loves to play—especially with his buddy, Finn.

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