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Spright was born after the research laboratory closed, though his mother was experimented on for decades. He is a confident and curious youngster who enjoys exploring his island and playing with other young chimpanzees.

Spright is a fun-loving, active, young chimpanzee who was born May 2012 to Noli, one of the chimpanzees who was used in research at the lab in Liberia. As he gets older, Spright is venturing further and further from mom and even gathers his own food to eat in his own special spot each day. Spright likes to wade out into the water, where others dare not go, protecting his food from the older chimps—he’s a smart little guy.


Even though he’s maturing, Spright and Noli still spend a lot of time together. When not with Mom, he is usually off playing or grooming with the other youngsters on his island including his older sister Sidney as well as Finn and Rita. The other chimpanzees on Spright’s island are Anita, Lenya, Papita, and Pacific.

Adopt Spright

With a donation of $20 per month for one year, you can adopt Spright. Your adoption will last for one year and you'll receive a personalized adoption certificate as well as updates during the year. 

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