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Samantha is the oldest chimpanzee on the islands. She was sold into research at a very young age and was used and bred for decades. She now enjoys her retirement on the islands and is known to be one of the smartest chimps.

In her mid-forties, Samantha is the oldest chimpanzee we are caring for. The laboratory in Liberia acquired her in 1976 when she was 2 years old. She was used both as a breeder and research subject during her decades in the laboratory. She had three babies, two of whom were removed from her almost immediately and all of whom died soon after their births.


Samantha is known to be a clever chimp and a master escape artist. She managed to break out of her cage many times while being used in hepatitis and blood cleansing experiments. Her caretakers also fondly remember that she acted as a surrogate mother to many young chimps in her group when she was first released to the islands many years ago. Today, Samantha is one of the dominant females on Island 5 and lives with Bullet, Doris, Sabel, Sally, Joyce, Chop Suey, Ms. Bush, Franzsica, Lolo, Dovelee, and Mallak.

Adopt Samantha

With a donation of $20 per month for one year, you can adopt Samantha. Your adoption will last for one year and you'll receive a personalized adoption certificate as well as updates during the year.

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