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Even though Rose did not spend many years in the lab, she was anesthetized more than 60 times! Despite frequent illnesses in the lab, she is very resilient and continues to improve. Rose is known to be very easygoing and loves papaya!

This young lady was born at the laboratory in Liberia in 1996 and began being used in experiments soon after her birth. While at the lab, Rose suffered from frequent illnesses due to her compromised health, a result of constant physical and mental stress. Finally, in 2005, Rose and her mother Daisy were permanently moved to Island 2. Sadly, Daisy has since passed away. But one bright spot in Rose’ life was that she was allowed to grow up with her mother and remain with her until Daisy’s death—something many of her fellow chimpanzee companions were deprived of.


These days, Rose is a quiet, easygoing chimp who gets along well with the nine other chimps on her island. These days, her hair is glossy, her weight has increased, and her eyes are bright and lively! She gets very excited when food is delivered – her favorite foods are papaya and pineapple! Lives with David, Jiminy Cricket, Tipsy, Mae, Root Beer, Fanta, Coke-O, Pasiway and Eastern.

Adopt Rose

With a donation of $20 per month for one year, you can adopt Rose. Your adoption will last for one year and you'll receive a personalized adoption certificate as well as updates during the year.

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