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Mabel is a curious, calm and quiet chimpanzee who plays a neutral role in her group and avoids conflict with others. She has always loved living “free” on the island since her retirement from the lab and is known for making any newcomers feel welcomed.

Mabel’s laboratory records indicate she was very young and very small when she was donated to the laboratory in Liberia. According to one of her caretakers, when she arrived she was very attached to humans and needed a lot of help adjusting to life with chimpanzees. In time, Mabel did form bonds with the other chimps and was known to be very protective of the youngsters in her group.


Mabel was one of the first chimpanzees to be transferred to the islands and she served as a welcoming committee for all the others as they joined her. She has always loved her freedom and never showed any fear or hesitation at being in a “wild” setting. Mabel continues to be a calm and quiet chimp and plays a neutral role in the group, avoiding conflict with the others. Mabel lives with Stuart, Springroll, Helen, Security, Teta, Juno, Annie and Elysse.

Adopt Mabel

With a donation of $20 per month for one year, you can adopt Mabel. Your adoption will last for one year and you'll receive a personalized adoption certificate as well as updates during the year.

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